Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One finish! One almost there.......

I decided to use red and natural burlap for the numbers on my 12 Days to Thanksgiving Wallhanging. I really like the affect. Here are the pockets. Still unattached but I wanted to see how it would look. I also decided to change up the suggested pocket construction on Melissa's blog. Instead of put the backing on the pocket and turning them all inside out. I skipped that step and will leave the edges raw and secure them with multicolored thread. It saved a lot of time. I like the "raggy" look to it. It will go especially well with a twine hanger I think. I'm hoping to assemble the rest of this tonight after work. :) We'll see how that goes. I HAVE to get to Curves (gym) tonight. I haven't been able to get there at all this week and I can already feel myself getting lazier and lazier. UGH!!

I'm so excited to have finished these pillows! That match my Welcome quilt that my daughter, Rachel, made for me. (You can see it in an earler post from last week)

Pinwheels!! I'm addicted to them now!

I'm so pleased with the result!! So was Rachel who came over last night for our ladies bible study. So much fun!!
Come back tomorrow to see the Wallhanging progress!!


  1. really nice pillows and the wall hanging idea is so cute! reminds me of avent calendars for christmas :D

    I went out to a club with some friends and then the next night, I went out for dinner with family :) it was a good birthday

    take care

  2. Kate: I love the idea of the raggedy edges; it goes well with the twine idea, too. This is a winner for sure.

    Melanie at Covered Porches (there's a link on my blog) made a beautiful pinwheel tablecloth. I'm starting to think pinwheels may be my new favorite block.

  3. the raggedy edges of the pockets will go perfectly with the burlap numbers and the twine hanging,,,all are the feelings of fall. Now, if you could throw in some straw and corn,,,tee hee

  4. my mom can make stuff.. like everything! :)


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