Thursday, April 15, 2010

Viking Party Mania

Our friends hosted a Viking Party not too long ago..........
The deck made an awesome Viking Ship!!

On the look out for the enemy.......or land :)

I came as the Queen..........although I do have to admit that I look more Persian than Viking BUT I did add fir to my costume!! Take a close look at the cape collar, cuffs and trim at the bottom of the dress.......very cool.

The Queen knights her first warrior............sir Christopher; my loyal subject. Oh, btw, the sword is real making it REAL heavy. I was concerned I would chop off his head instead of give the royal blessing!!

Checking to make sure my royal stone was still in place.

Ahem, why yes, of course it is!!
I'm giving audience to the host of the Viking Banquet, Mike. Great costume here. Don't you just LOVE the fur vest and horn hat?? Very authentic.

A closer view of the royal robe and jewels. So much fun to get all dressed up AND have some place to go :)

Me and the hubster. I made his costume as well; but I failed to get a full view of it in a picture that night. Bummer! He was caped and everything. With fur cuffs and boots!

Fire show.......very pretty!

I won the fish toss! Woo hoo! Now this salmon (pictured above my head) is going to hang in my sunroom with my collection of sea shells and other fisherman items.

The King and Queen with the royal daughter, Miss Faith. Also in a hand made costume that she designed and we made together. See full view of her costume below. LOVE the fur belt.

The hubster at the royal viking feast. Sorry for the small picture but the pixels on the camera were set too low.

This picture below is the model that I used to design my costume MINUS the cone bra; that was a little much for me. I didn't feel comfortable with those  ahem, that style of dress ;) 
Faith put in a lot of time with design suggestions, planning, shopping and cutting..........we completed all three costumes in 1.5 days! I had to wait to get paid to buy all the materials, which took about 3 months and FINALLY came in about 3 days before the was crunch time if I ever saw it. TEAM WORK at it's best paid off.

Not sure, maybe I look more like a woopsy???  The cape is upholstery fabric.......very regal looking. (I'm going to use it to make pillows for my living room now. hehehe)


Our hosts

Viking warriors

Fun was had by all that came; the food was rich fish chowders and stews aptly eaten with wooden utencils; roast of Lamb to be ripped off by bare hands. , etc. Rick and I are now inspired to host a Pirate costume party in July at our house by the lake. We are going to deck the house out!! I can't wait to show you the pictures. Is anyone else out there obssessed with costumes or costume parties?? If so, I would LOVE to see pictures and hear the stories!!


  1. Oh how fun is this! The costumes are terrific! And that they were hand made is even more fantastic! You are so creative and you look awesome as a Viking queen. Or maybe a Valkyrie?

    Where my parents go to the lakes, every year they have pirate weekend. Boats, jet skis, pontoons all decked out to look like pirate ships. With water cannons to blast each other out of the water! Argh!

  2. When I first saw fir, I thought tree and that didn't fit -grin-. Later on I saw fur and things fell into place. Looks like a fun party.

  3. Great party pictures! I just dropped by after a search for "Viking party", since I'm thinking of having one myself. . . looks like a lot of fun.


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