Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bragging about my aunt's projects....take a peak!

My Aunt Dottie from Virginia was a sewer from way back. When I was a kid and used to visit her in Maryland in the summers all the way from Massachusetts, I remember her sewing then and always wanted to be like her sooo when I got old enough to have a family.....sewing was first on my list to take up as a hobby! Dot shared with me that it's been a long time  since she'd done any sewing but once she saw my blog and others like it she decided to dust off her machine and take up her old pass time. Since she doesn't have her very own blog......yet, I wanted to brag about her work.

Well, let me tell you, she has been quite busy!!! These projects are all her own creations that she has made for her grandchildren.......aren't they just delightful!

Her grand daughter's name is Kate too.....great name! :) Too bad she's a Saints fan though ;) I'm a Patriot's fan (I'm from the Boston area) and we lost to them this year in the Superbowl :(........ but I still posted the quilt anyway since she is family after all and she's only little still. lol

This beautiful creation is for another grand daughter...I LOVE the teeny bows in the corners. Great job Aunt Dottie!

This shows a bit of the back with the label. Click on the picture for a close up view.

Don't you just LOVE these flowers and heart applique?? I can't wait to try this on a quilt this year. It really makes a nice touch!

More recently she has developed a passion for tote bags. She reports that this pattern is really easy to follow and she's planning on making lots more......I'm hoping to have one show up in my mail box one day ;) hint, hint....LOVE the fabric choices!

Side view; before the top seam has been sewn (that's why it looks like a raw edge at the opening)


Look at all of these great pockets and fun lining fabric too. Awesome job!! Isn't it great that you can just jump right back into sewing without skipping a beat........makes my heart happy to keep America sewing!!


  1. Aunt Dottie rocks! How cool is that she can be inspired by a younger generation, when so many years ago, she inspired a younger generation!

    Thanks for sharing this with me Kate! You just made my morning!

    Have a blessed day!

  2. Everyone should have an Aunt Dottie...and if we can't have one, we should be one!
    Kudos to Aunt Dottie!

  3. What a creative fam! Go Patriots! ;)


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