Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Gifts from the own creations at that!

I created this wallhanging for my son, Adam and his new wife, Janel, for a wedding gift. Their 1st anniversary is coming up at the end of February. The colors inside the cross were also the colors of their wedding which took place in Cozumel, Mexico during a week long cruise that we all enjoyed as a family. By clicking on the image you can see the details more clearly. I was inspired by the colors; I believe that God showed me that the blue was to represent His living water that he supplies for each one of us; the red was for His blood that He shed for us on the cross. The three hearts at the bottom represent that a marriage should be three fold cord; husband, wife and God and that we should love one another as He loves us.

If you notice at the top the letter is not quite straight. I was grieved when my machine lettering took a "nose dive" so to speak in the middle of my embroidery. After much fretting.....and then prayer; he showed me that I should leave it just like that because marriage is not perfect, yet we should love each other with all of our imperfections, etc. The crazy quilt pattern is along those same lines; we never know what turn that life will bring our way; it can take many shapes that may not seem like they should go together at first glance, but in the end they are quite beautiful when we keep our eyes focused on the cross and keep our love right in the center as the picture of them right in the center represents.

Below, I created this wallhanging for my younger sister, Becky and her husband's 25th wedding anniversary.

Beck is a breast cancer survivor, so I used pink ribbon fabric for the hearts in the corners. The border is butterflies to represent a memory of our mom who interestingly enough passed away on Beck and Ed's 20th anniversary 6 years ago. The blue hearts in the center are Beck's favorite color with a button in the middle from our Grandmother's button collection. By nature I'm actually not very creative. I usually need a pattern to go by. But sometimes God's creativeness just flows right through :) God is good!
Click on the image to view in closer detail.

Thanks for sharing in these very fond memories. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings......

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Now go create something! :)


  1. Happy Valentine's day! I love my wall hanging right above my computer. It remind me of you every day. Love you! :) -a

  2. Happy Valentine's Day and thank you for sharing your heart and you family's history with us!


  3. Oh the picture you had of us with it is soooo cute!! I love it. I also love the one that you made Becky!! what a special gift :)

  4. very nice gifts. they will be treasured a long time!


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