Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy New Curtains

I needed new curtains for my bathroom. I searched through my stash and found this lovely Chinz fabric that I bought ages ago and never had a project for it. Well, it matched my bathroom perfectly!! I can't believe that I never thought of it before now.

If you notice on the bottom of the curtains that I added a row of white it's because I didn't have quite enough fabric to make them long enough.......sooooo.....I had to get creative and make "designer" curtains. Necessity is the mother of invention you know!

I added a row of narrow white edging to the top so that they would match. I'm quite surprised and very pleased with the results.

I was on a roll so I decided to cover the little stool that I keep for the grandkids so they can reach the sink.

These pictures are from "Home Interior Designs". Does anyone remember that company?


  1. Trying this again because this was such an awesome post full of lovely sunshine, happiness and beautiful pictures! Love the stool, the new header, the curtains-just everything! Made me smile!

  2. Love the watercolor effect on the fabric for the curtains. You did a smash up job!

  3. Hi Kate, thanks for stopping by The Hut and your sweet comment. As you saw I am an avid seashell collector and my home is full of them!

    But, I am drooling over your curtains and your quilts! I recently got the directions to make a ragged quilt and directions for a yo-yo quilt. Simple, I know, but they look like they would be fun and easier to make than one of your beauties.


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