Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Remember when..........

...........Bunnies were all the rage? I made a dozen or so at the time. They still bring a bit of joy to my heart when I see them dressed for the season.
As do these two little buddies. I'm enamored with Raggety Ann and Andy.
They are keeping an eye on my tree for me.  


Merry Sewing!!


  1. I remember! I made hubbie a hand stitched bunny wearing suspenders for Christmas when we were much younger and it was much cuter to get each other stuffed animals! LOL

    Thinking happy thoughts your way this holiday season!

  2. So funny! One year for Christmas I made my daughter about a dozen of those bunnies, in all different sizes, with clothes - she had an extended bunny family!! They were very fun to make.... I wish I knew where they were now!!


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