Friday, December 31, 2010

Scrappy Snowman Doorhanger

This little guy was so easy to put together. He has all of my favorite things; buttons, bells and scraps all in one fun project, oh and snowmen.....duh! As a farewell to 2010 I wanted to save my favorite project for my final post this year. This scrappy snowman has been a huge hit. Everyone who saw it wanted me to make them one or asked how they could make one.

In just a couple of hours (or less) he's a great hostess gift or gift to keep on hand for that last minute present.
You can always just make a few to put on all your own door handles too. 

All of the pieces are applied with fusable wonder under.

The cutie little face is made with french knots.

I love the litte star with the button in the middle.

Buttoms are my down fall. I must have hundreds in my stash. These are from my special collection passed down to me from my mother-law's-stash. I used a machine blanket stitch around the edges of the snowman.

The jingle bells add a nice finishing touch. Did I mention that I'm a sucker for bells too?

I found the pattern in the Better Homes and Garden's magazine. But it's from 2007. I'm not sure if it's still available.

These are the materials needed. I hope you can read it. Click on the picture for a better view.

The placement is pretty straightforward.. The strips are 1.5" X 4.5". The squares at the top are 1.5 X 1.5. I used light weight upholstery fabric for the front. For the back and handle I used a soft brushed maroon upholstery fabric that I found in the discount section at the fabric store.

Happy Sewing and Happiest of New Years!!

Thank you for stopping by and sitting a spell with me. I hope you come back soon.


  1. He is awfully cute! I have a soft spot for snowmen! My MIL collects them and has thousands...yours is so very festive!

    Happy, healthy, New Year!

  2. Happy sewing and Happy New Years !
    Thanks for following my blog :D



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