Monday, August 10, 2009

UFO Weary

Oh, boy, I'm already weary of the UFO stack. I'm noticing less and less of a desire to finish the UFO's before I start something new.......Maybe that's why they never got finished in the first place! I'm stalling on one in particular because it's not coming out the way that I envisioned. So I'm thinking that I may just put this away again for a bit instead of being so frustrated with it. The UFO in question is a double wedding ring quilt that I started 6.5 years ago for Faith & Mark's wedding. The corners of the melons are not laying flat for me. And when they are lying flat, the ends don't meet up well. This project just may end up the "new" design" list!!

On a good note, my Blustery Day quilt is nearly ready for binding. I've decided on my quilt design for the middle and the borders....FINALLY. A work of art takes time. This will keep me busy while Rick is off to Colorado this week. I'll post some new pictures soon.

I'm itching to start some new projects that I am really excited about. I think I just need some "quick hits" to keep me going. I'm creating a project of the week list. Each week, I'll plan to work on a project for that entire week. If I don't finish it, it goes to the end of the list and the rotation continues. I'm hoping this will keep my ADD at bay and I'll be able to move through the projects in no time at all.

New Project List:
  • Flannel Quilt - with all the wonderful fabrics from Pickering Farms in NH.
  • Snow flake quilted tote
  • Butterfly quilted tote - for cancer fund raiser
  • Apple Orchard drawstring Tote - this may end up being a Christmas gift for some lucky person!
  • Pray shawl wrap - for cancer fund raiser
  • Tapestry pillow - this may also be a Christmas gift.
  • Crazy Quilt "something" with the luscious squares we found at the Brimfield Flea Market this year.

My, my, this list could go on and on!!! That's all I'll put on the scope for now. I'll post pictures as I go. Can't wait to get started. The fall is my FAVORITE sewing season.



  1. Fall is my favorite sewing season as well...!!!And summer has been so busy...I can't wait to get started on my list!

  2. Hi Sherri! Welome to The Quilter's Kitchen's brand new blog. Thanks for visiting. I love your blog. I'm inspired by all of the project ideas! Come back soon.

  3. I can not wait to see these projects come to life. More pictures!!! I can not wait to see the Fall quilt :) love you mom!!!

  4. This is so funny! I didn't see your comment until later today, but I got up early this morning and posted a bunch of new pictures. Thanks for visiting!! Love you too JK!!


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