Thursday, August 13, 2009

The trouble with the Double Wedding Ring.....

is that my arch angle is off a bit. It doesn't take much when you are dealing with such small measurements......did I mention that measuring is not my strong suit. This must be why I usually stick to the more simple patterns..... :) Here's a picture of my arch and one melon that is complete...not all of the melons came out as well as this one, but this gives you an idea. I would love to finish this, but it may end up being a lap quilt by the time it's finished depending on how many melons come out flat!!


  1. it is going to turn out so awesome :) they will obviously love it no matter what :) I love it!!

  2. HELLLLLLLLO mom i had completely forgotten about this. I WANT IT ... LIKE NOW, like unfinished and everything who cares if they lay flat. (CAN YOU TELL I WANT IT) ... Everything you make is wonderful and amazing and soo special and I mean that from the bottom of my heart! I'm so excited... i am already thinking of places to hang it!

  3. I'm hoping to finish it by the 10 year anniversary!! If not, then definately by the 25th!!! :)


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