Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm excited about.....

starting on some new projects. I'm making some items for the Walk to Cure Cancer. The items will be entered into a raffle at our fund raiser event in the fall. I'm using the Quilter's Think Pink project book. Here are a couple of the items I've planning to make.


  1. Hi Kate!! Awesome quilt. I want one too! I like your blog. Love: Melissa

  2. Hiya Missy!! Thanks for visiting. I'm just getting this blog started. I'm so glad you stopped by. Did you ever end up getting a sewing machine?? Love ya!!

  3. Your blog is lovely. I came here from beautiful Janel.
    I try and do quilts, but my binding corners are still so rough. I can't wait to learn from you.
    PS - I am so using UFO. I wonder if that could apply to my ironing.....

  4. Welcome Toni! I will be working on a binding this week-end for my Blustery Day Quilt that I posted earlier. I'm planning to post the "how to" pictures along with it. The corners can be tricky. But there are a couple of "tips" that can help make them come together quite nicely. Come back soon!


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