Monday, September 21, 2009

Fabric Journal Covers.........very cool

I'm so excited. I have a quicky project that I started over the week-end that is coming out soooo awesome. I found this idea for journal covers on Exuberant Color. Wanda also shows a tutorial here, so I didn't try to reproduce it because hers is so great. I follow the instructions exactly and it came out wonderfully!! I'll post the pictures as soon as I get back home tonight. I was up before the crack of dawn doing some embroidery on them to personalize each one. I'm planning on giving them as gift to my bible study group that is starting up again this week after taking a few weeks off over the summer.

Our group is called the "Ladies of Honor" which my daughter, Rachel, used for her wedding instead of brides maids. She felt that each woman that she chose to stand with her on her wedding day deserved a place of honor in her life. Each of her ladies chose her own signature color to sash her dress with. We have since started gathering in a bible study and the name stuck!!

Each of the ladies traced out her hand in her own color. I used wonder under to secure the hand on the front cover of the journal on a special fabric that I found that has everyone's colors! I'm so pleased with the results. Everything is cut and ready to assemble tonight when I get home from work. I'm SOOO excited to see the finished result!

Come back soon to see the finished journal covers!!

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  1. wow good job, sounds great to use the quilt at bible study. It's also nice that everyone is involved in the creation of it. :)


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