Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crazy Quilts and Mini Log Cabins

I made this table runner a few years ago using an awesome "lazy" Crazy Quilt technique that I found in a magazine. I have several other squares prepped and ready to sew another runner so I will post a tutorial on it soon. It was a lot of fun. I love this color combo. The fabrics are a Cranston print that is now actually called Cranston Village. These fabrics are so old that they are no longer in print.

The backside of the meandering looks like the top of an uncut loaf of bread doesn't it?

More close ups of the quilting. I'm going to try verigated thread on the next one. My local fabric store was having a great sale recently and I picked up some fabulous new colors to try.

This might be a better shot of the length of it. I really do need to take some photography lessons I think.

My log cabin is from the Little Quilts All Through the House Collection By Alice Berg. You can find the book here. I meant to snap a photo of the book but I was a bit rushed for time this morning. Must get to work on time to pay for my quilting obssession. :) I found this teeny tiny picture on line so you could get an idea of what it looks like. Kind of fitting though since it's chuck full of mini quilts. (Sometimes I really crack myself up). Don't let my lame humor keep you from checking out this fabulous book with great tutorials. I just found my own book again and want to make a few more for gifts this year. So much fun and really, really quick to make!

I hope this close up isn't too washed out so you can get a good look at the vintage fabrics. I made this about 15 years ago. I stitched in the ditch with a wavy stitch on my machine and it worked out really well.

I have been working diligently on my 12 Days to Thanksgiving Wallhangings. I finished all the pocket detailing this week-end along with attaching all the borders. More to show soon!


  1. ahh the baby log cabin has all fabrics from my childhood... they bring back such fond memories and make me feel super glad you're my mom. - you're the very best mom a girl could ask for!!! I love you.

  2. Both of these are wonderful!! the top one looks like a whack and sew, not sure what the proper name of the technique is, but a wonderful lady donated a quilt for a benefit in the same order, and it was stunning in person!! I just love yours with the nice fabrics...can't wait for the tutorial!


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