Saturday, November 7, 2009

Christmas Time is Coming

And Jesus is the reason for the Season! Take a peak at this wonderful Christmas Advent Calendar that was posted on Charming Chatter. This pattern was made by Barri Sue of Bareroots (check out the link; she has tons of awesome patterns that all include embroidery on the quilt tops). I'm going to order the pattern today.

I am sooo excited!! This will be an awesome item to make for the holidays. My grandbabies are going to LOVE it.

Food for thought: I am planning to alternate this a bit to be more Christian oriented. For example at the top write Jesus is the Reason for the Season instead of Christmas Time is Coming.
For example the pockets would have one with Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem; pictures of the shepherds; kings, wise men, sheep and angels. Another with a cross; jars of gold, incense and myrrh.
And maybe put a few scriptures on it here and there like Matthew 1:18-25; Matthew 2:1-12; Luke 1:26-38; Luke 2:1-20. For the last pocket, I'd have Jesus in the manger. I once saw this awesome picture of Jesus in a manger with Santa kneeling in awe of Him. If I can figure out how to fit that on a pocket, I might try that idea.
Check out this link with an awesome "santa prayer". (I also have a copy of it and a great picture at the end of this post just in case the link becomes inactive for some reason).

Inserts for the pockets would be fun! Each day would have a part of the Christmas story on a slip of paper and then an activity for the kids to do. More to come on this later.
List of ideas could include:
  • gift ideas to make for someone
  • easy baked goods item they can make and give away
  • idea for a random acts of kindness
  • give something to someone in need
  • family volunteer together at a food pantry
  • choose a family or person to be a secret santa to
Christmas Poem for Christmas Eve

Kneeling Santa Prayer

The sleigh was was all packed, the reindeer were fed, But Santa still knelt by the side of his bed,"Dear Father, " he prayed, "Be with me tonight. There's much work to do and my schedule is tight.My sack will hold toys to grant all kids' wishes.The supply will be endless like the loaves and the fishes. I can do all these things, Lord, only through You. I just need your blessing, then it's easy to do. I do this only to honor the birth of the One, That was sent to redeem us, Your most Holy Son. So to all of my friends, lest Your glory I rob,Please, Lord, remind them who gave me this job."

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  1. I love this pattern! If you get this one done before Christmas, you are my new hero :D

    Hope things are going well for you and your family, Kate.


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