Monday, November 9, 2009

Here's the deal

This week-end proved to be busy, busy, busy! I did get lots of sewing done, but not on the projects that I had hoped to do. I had every intention of working on my DWR. I did get all of the layers pressed, put together and pinned. I even sketched out the stencil onto a practice sheet. Unfortunately, that was the extent of it. Other more pressing projects took center stage and before I knew it I was driving to work this morning.

On a good note, I have the "secret squirell" project 95% completed!! I will show you pictures later this week after I deliver it!! It has turned out to be more FANTABULOUS than I originally thought. It took me all day on Saturday to finish the borders, piece the back and quilt it. Did I mention it was more time consuming than I planned on.........what was I thinking?? (I'm nortorious for underestimating time frames.DUH) BUT I'm so pleased with the results; it makes it all worth it. I am hoping it's a big hit. I always get so nervous when I'm giving a gift that I made. Not sure why I struggle with that, but I'm feeling the pressure more now that the day is drawing near. :) *sigh*

My Thanksgiving Advent Calendars got some major attention this week-end. My daughter, Rachel's, mother in law has an embroidery machine that she graciously let me use to embellish these delightful wallhangings. I must say the result is awesome. Tonight after work, same said dauther is coming over to help me do the final assembly to get them all done. The count down to use these starts this Sunday so I need to finish them like.....NOW! lol. I'll post picture tomorrow of the final results. Can't wait!

Which leads me to my last project that we unexpectedly worked on this week-end. Rach is working on a special Christmas gift for her hubby; I can't give more details because I'm sworn to secrecy. He is an Internet buff and may just be secretly following my blog (grin). Anywho, she needed my help with the top and it took us the better part of Sunday afternoon to complete it. The good news? It is about 50% done now and it is really creative and sentimental. The rest will be the easy part. We just need to add sashing and borders!

Sorry no pictures for this one. Stop back tomorrow. I promise to have pictures. :)

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  1. wow you have so many projects on the go! that's fun, I love having lots to work on also.
    thanks for your comment, it was so nice to read :) yeah maybe some volunteer work would be a good idea at this point as I do have lots of time that I can use to help others. I hate being at a cross roads, but I am.. and need to accept it. it's nice to hear from you!


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