Saturday, November 28, 2009

Keeping It this too real????

In honor of "keeping it real" AND to show off the new shelves my hubby made for me. The following post is a glimpse into my chaotic messy house and how I'm working to get it better organized. After all, creative minds are seldom tidy!!

My sewing table

My "I have sooooo may treasures and nowhere to put it" pile. (can you see the handle of my treadmill.....yes, it's burried!)

More stuff (or as my husband loving refers to it, "crap").

My bins of "some" of my fabrics (tons more in the attic) with a better view of the treadmill. (sheepish grin) Now what is that used for again?????

My armoire, that I booted my husband out of last year to store "all" my quilting supplies.....yup, you guessed it, I've overflowed!!

This is the inside top great!

The top holds some family photos, but I need that space now. I'll have to find another space for aunt bessie and the kitty......LOL

This is the bottom section of the armoire, 9 awesome drawers. Now if I could only get to them......hmmmmm

Cutting table and storage drawers for threads, etc. My sewing machine is just to the right of the drawer unit.

The other side of the room isn't much better. I'm in the middle of switching out winter and summer clothes. There is a desk under there somewhere.  I'm a little behind in putting this "crap" in the attic.  Hubby says that pretty soon we won't be able to open the closet doors that it's all leaning against. Pishaw!! I mean, ooops, yes dear.

I have pictures stacked on my bureau that I've been meaning to hang up recently (for about a year).

I'm thinking these shelves inside my walk-in closet would be more space to clean out for quilting supplies!

And here too might work. The top two shelves are just junk but the bottom and side hold my clothes. I may need to keep those. :)

Another view from across the room. See how close my bed (up against the window) is to my sewing space (foreground). That's where hubby is sleeping when I'm sewing at 5 a.m!! He's a keeper!! My Double Wedding Ring hanging on the loft banister patiently waiting to be quilted. I MUST stop procrastinating!! (and get over my anxiety of ruining it!!)

Another view

Fabulous threads!! (now they won't get dusty AND more importantly, I can FIND them).

Ironing station.

Looky here what my fabulous hubby made for me last Saturday!!! I didn't have to beg much either. But now that I think of it, since then he's been talking A LOT about buying a 42" plasma t.v. I wonder if there's a correlation???

Another view - you can see the bar from the treadmill in the bottom right corner. Ahhhh. I can breath (and think) better already! Don't let that empty space on the shelves fool you. The piles have been disappearing from the floors. But I'm not finished with the organizing project yet, but I'm ALMOST there.  I LOVE that man. Muwah!!!

While he built the shelves for me, I found time to do this. (Did I mention that it was piled HIGH with dishes. I had taken a pic of the mess but I can't find it now. :)

Hopefully this hasn't been too real. I've been visiting quite a few blogs that have shared their "keeping it real" posts and it's very freeing to share with all of you. I'd love to see your sewing space.

Happy Friday!!


  1. I really like the way you let your fabric get some exercise on your treadmill. Great idea! LOL.


  2. Just loved your sharing your space with us. how awesome to have a hubby who not only supports your habit, but builds support for it when your cup overfloweth!


  3. Home hasn't changed much... :) Keep it real Ma!

  4. I love your hubby lol!! My space looks a lot like yours right now - I hate sewing in a messy room, but it cleaning it somehow is always at the bottom of my priority list lol!!!


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