Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm Back! But Only for Short Visits. Feast your eyes on these.....

Snowflake Dresdan plates...........

This is a dresden plate that I finished before Christmas but haven't been able to post until now. These adorable snowflakes are a Moda print. The cutey snowmen are from my sister; I got them both in our family grab this year at Christmas. The "Snow" sign was a gift from my daughter. I was tickled pink that these all go together so well.

Close up below of the just the dresden plate. I used the larges size on my desden ruler.

I used some of the red snowflake fabric to make curtains for my kitchen. What's so great about these is that I can leave them up until March with my snowman collection!! They make me smile everytime I look at them. As soon as I can sew again, I have enough of this fabric to make several more dresden plates. Can't wait to get back to "normal".

Updates: After my car accident of November 30th when I got rear-ended by a van while I was sitting at a stop light; I was left with nerve damage and lots of soft tissue damage leaving me with severe spasms and inability to sit for very long or use my right arm in a normal fashion. The good news is that some things are getting better; the challenge is the identify and pinpoint the nerve damage and get a good course of action in place to "fix" it. The insurance companies are playing their hide and seek games with me at the moment which makes the whole ordeal even worse! But I know that God will always provide for me so I am doing what I can on my end and leaving the rest up to him. At this point I can use all the prayers that I can get.

Thanks for stopping by today. Have a good one.

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