Friday, February 5, 2010

Lingering Christmas Treasures

This table runner looks a bit yellow, not sure why, but maybe my camera setting was off a bit. It could also be the pain meds I'm taking for my back and I'm blaming the camera unfairly ;) I made this one day for a quick hostess gift for my friend who was throwing a Christmas party for our little bible study home group. It's just 2 1/2" wide strips; cut 15" long with a binding around the edge; I used the same fabric for both the backing and the binding. REALLY quick to whip up for a gift. (Yes, I did add batting but it would be just fine without it too).

Looks like I chopped off Santa and Mrs. Clause's heads. Oops! Sorry Santa. *Hopefully he won't remember this incident and give me coal in my stocking next year. shhhhh. It's our little secret!

I made this wall hanging back in 1994. It was my first "let's try out this special triangle ruler" project. My kids always tell me that it isn't Christmas until I hang this tree up. I think it was meant to be an advent calendar of sorts but I just leave all the ornaments attached. I serged the edges with shimmery green metalic thread.
These little cuties are 5x5 log cabin blocks that were left over from another project. I stitched 4 of them together and put a backing on them with no batting and used them as "doilies" at Christmas time. Love these!!

Come back soon for more treasures. Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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  1. I really liked yesterday's and today's posts! The Dresden Plate was beautiful and the curtains look so happy!

    I'll be praying for you and the physical side of the accident. As well as the insurance companies. I know how hard it is to deal with them when they're sitting there, healthy and happy and you're at home, hurting and frustrated.

    Thank you for the song! Mandisa is one of my favorite recording artists. Her voice is so rich and clear and her message only glorifies the One worthy of it.

    Hang in there. One day. Whole. New. Running. Jumping. Swinging and all of those other things we miss doing now!

    Sit tight in the palm of His hand!


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