Monday, August 17, 2009

Enjoy your quilts - a quote from Diane Gaudynski

I was so excited to see this post on Diane's quilting site. I have always taught my students to expect to make mistakes. It is actually an Amish tradition to "purposely" have a mistake on your quilt to symbolize that life is not perfect. More about that later.

Under her August Tips page Diane writes:
"No quilt is perfect; no quilting is ever absolutely perfect. With each project you will learn and improve, but if you think it isn't good enough you won't keep quilting and consequently won't get good enough. Every quilt I've made, whether it is hanging at a prestigious show or exhibit with a ribbon, or a simple piece on my wall making my home warm and lovely, has mistakes. At first, I only see the flaws, but over time I see the entire quilt for its own worth, mistakes and all, and appreciate it anew. Tonight I had "Through a Glass Darkly..." open and spread out on my sewing table to relax a bit. I walked into the room on an errand and it surprised me with its beauty. I haven't seen it for so long and to come across it unexpectedly made me appreciate it for what it is, not look for mistakes. Life is short. Enjoy your quilts." Follow her website, a New Tradition in Quilting at She also had a blog listed on her site for discussions.



  1. wonderful little article! i'm glad most people i've talked to have been relaxed about their hobbies and just enjoy them for however they turn out. quilting should be no different!

  2. Agreed! Glad you liked the article. There are so many wonderful quilt blogs that I can't keep up with them all......BUT I'm really enjoying trying! :)


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