Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So excited!!

I ended up staying home yesterday with what started as a bad migraine headache. That's not the exciting part; as it eased up.....I got to do some more work on the Double Wedding Ring UFO project. All of the melons are now finished! YAY. I actually got to start the piecing for rows too. It's coming out much better than I thought that it would. I'm so very excited!! I'll post pictures later tonight.....I am back at work today. I have to keep the cash flow coming in to support my quilting addiction you know :)

Here's a bit of history:
"The Double Wedding Ring pattern was first published by Capper's Weekly in 1928. This Topeka, Kansas publication added a bit of mythical romance to go with the pattern by writing, "When some good but unknown man conceived the idea of a double wedding ring ceremony it gave his wife an equally good idea. She worked two circles into a double wedding ring quilt." 1:.
For the rest of the article go to:

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